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Virtual Reality Headset perfect for playing 3D games and movies right from your phone!

Use your smartphone as a 3D VR display. Immerse yourself into a fun, simple, and amazing 3D virtual reality experience. The 3D VR headset is compatible with most 3.5″ to 6″ smart phones, and its lightweight design and soft padded straps allows you to have a comfortable VR experience.

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Instructional Video


  • Virtual Reality 3D Video Headset for smartphone
  • Best for 3.5 – 6 inch mobile smartphone
  • More than 300 virtual reality apps available in Google Play and iTunes store.
  • Supports 3D side by side video
  • Adjustable belt, suitable for all users
  • Enjoy private 3D movies on both Android and iOS phones

Step-By-Step Instructions

step 1

Step 1. Remove all Parts.

step 2

Step 2. Push out pre-cut cardboard pieces.

step 3

Step 3. Place lenses in middle eye-hole section of mask. Fold. (lenses should be on inner side).

step 4

Step 4. Open and stretch out long cardboard piece, inner side up. Pay attention to folds.

step 5

Step 5.  Place mask upside down and insert tabs into slots. Insert separate support piece into mask and frame slots.

step 6

Step 6. Continue folding frame around mask inserting the tabs into slots.

step 7

Step 7. Frame together with all tabs inserted.

step 8

Step 8. Place Velcro stickers on back and inner phone compartment flap. Flap should open and close.

step 9

Step 9. Place Velcro sticker on bottom of double magnets.

step 10

Step 10. Place other half of Velcro sticker on inner goggle circle hole.

step 11

Step 11. Close phone compartment flap to enforce structure.

step 12

Step 12. Place two Rubber Bands around frame under back Velcro tabs.

step 13

Step 13. Place last set of Velcro stickers on each side Goggle frame.