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Inside The Box

  • (1) PavaPro 360 Plus Headset
  • (1) Cleaning Cloth
  • (5) Front Faceplates (white, gray, blue, red, black)
  • (1) PavaPro 360 Plus Instruction Manual
  • PavaPro 360 Plus Warranty Certificate
  • PavaPro 360 Plus Tech Support Certificate
pavapro360plus face plates

Opening the Box

Upon opening your new PavaPro 360 Plus, peel off the plastic film that protects the lens. Discard the film. Use the lens cloth to clean the lens as needed.

Select your colored face plate and clip on to the PavaPro 360 Plus headset.

Adjust the straps of your headset for comfort.

pava pro 360 plus

PavaPro Diagrams

(Bottom Part)

pavapro 360 plus top view

PavaPro Diagrams

(Front Face Plate)


PavaPro Diagrams

(Side View)

pavapro 360 plus side view

PavaPro Diagrams

(Top Part)

pavapro 360 plus top part

Download Content

Setting up your phone

iOS Phones:  Go to the Apple App store and search for VR or Virtual Reality.  You will find hundreds of apps that are ready to download for your VR headset. (all data charges are the responsibility of the user) Select an app, download to your phone and you are ready for your Virtual Reality experience.

Android Phones: Go to the Google App store and search for VR or Virtual Reality Apps. Another option on Android is to go to Google cardboard, (all data charges are the responsibility of the user) and download apps. There are hundreds of apps that are ready to download for your PavaPro 360 Plus headset.  Select an app, download to your phone and you are ready for your Virtual Reality experience.

Note: Various selected content supports a split Left and Right screen display.  This is called Stereoscopic.

Install your Smartphone

Gently place your smart phone (without case) into the phone bracket in the front of the headset. Insert your smart phone. Gently close opened face plate until it clicks closed.

Center your phone within the black ridge in the tray. It is important that the phone is exactly centered. In stereoscopic view, your smart phone is required to be in the middle of the split screens.  This will insure balanced viewing.

Once your smartphone is installed correctly and your app is opened and ready to use, slide the Phone Bracket back into the PavaPro 360 Plus Headset for use.

install your smartphone


Headset:  Remove the headset and place on your head.  Note there are (3) adjustment points on the strap.  One adjustment on either side and one on top.  Use your free hands to make comfort adjustments as needed.  The adjustment straps allow you to have total comfort while experiencing your Virtual reality game or movie.  If your headset feels tight over time, remove your headset, adjust straps and replace on your head.

Once you’ve made your adjustments, you are ready for 360 view of your content. Don’t forget to look completely around you to capture the full 360 view of your content.

Front Panel:  Your PavaPro 360 Plus comes with a translucent black panel on your headset. Inside the box, there are 4 additional color faceplates.  Each panel can be inserted into the front by “clicking” it into the top and bottom release buttons.

Step 2:  Ready to Use your PavaPro 360 Plus Headset.

Your new PavaPro 360 Plus headset has Control buttons to help you enhance your viewing experience:

Open headset tray by pushing button on the top of the headset. Once you set up your game/app, insert phone into the front of the headset and plug the speaker jack into the sound port on your phone.  For iPhone users, if your phone no longer has a speaker port, use the lightening adaptor that came with your iPhone to plug your phone to the headset.

Volume:   The volume button is located on the bottom panel of the headset.  When you are using your phone with the headset, move the wheel left to right to meet your audio needs.

Visual Adjustment:  There are 4 points of contact to adjust your visual viewing.


While wearing your PavaPro 360 Plus headset, place fingers on knobs and adjust back and forth until comfortable.  You will see the image from your app move closer and further away. Adjust to comfort.

On the top center of your headset, there is a wheel.  Adjusting this wheel left to right will move the picture for each eye closer and further away from each other.  Adjust to personal visual comfort.

On the bottom of the headset there is a push button.  While wearing the headset with your phone inside, push the button to extend the phone closer and further away from your eyes. This will allow more focus for comfort.

Ear Pads:  Your PavaPro 360 Plus comes with adjustable ear pads.  Simply slide each piece forward or backwards to accommodate your head size for comfort.


Your PavaPro 360 Plus Headset works for smartphones with a screen size of 4.2-6.2 in size.


The PavaPro 360 Plus is not recommended for use by children under the age of 13. Small parts may represent a potential choking hazard for young persons.  For those under 18, use of the PavaPro 360 Plus Headset should be supervised by a responsible adult.  Prolonged use should be avoided to reduce the risk of a negative impact on hand-eye coordination and balance.

Attention:  Please take caution when using your PavaPro 360 Plus headset.

Only use in a safe environment.  The PavaPro 360 Plus produces an immersive virtual reality experience that can distract you and block your view of your actual surroundings.

Do not use in a moving car.  Use could increase likelihood of motion sickness.

Do not use the PavaPro 360 Plus headset in a situation that requires full attention, such as walking, bicycling or driving.

Do not handle any sharp items when using your PavaPro 360 Plus headset.

Do not share your headset with others to avoid the transference of contagious conditions. Wipe clean with lens cleaning cloth.

Stop using your headset if you notice swelling, itchiness or any other irritation. If systems persist, contact your healthcare provider.

Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your headset.

Immediately discontinue use if you experience the following symptoms:

  • Loss of awareness
  • Seizures
  • Eye strain
  • Eye or muscle twitching
  • Involuntary movements
  • Visual abnormalities
  • Dizziness, disorientation, or impaired balance
  • Impaired hand-eye coordination
  • Excessive sweating, increased salivation, nausea or lightheadedness
  • Discomfort or pain in the head or eyes
  • Drowsiness, fatigue or any symptoms attributed to motion sickness.

As a precaution, take 10-15 minute breaks minimally every 30 minutes. Extend your break time as needed for your own comfort.


  • The PavaPro 360 Plus offers a 120-degree large field of view, it includes glass lens with a 35mm focus to enhance 3D and virtual reality view.
  • Includes (2) 40mm pisa drivers to provide exceptional sound.
  • PavaPro 360 Plus is developed with our one-key support to answer phone calls and adjust volume control through one button.
  • PavaPro 360 Plus is inclusive. Our headset is suitable for all head sizes.
  • PavaPro 360 Plus has dual pupil adjustments providing optimum front/back and side/side controls making it comfortable for all users.
  • The PavaPro 360 Plus has a dual adjustable headband.
  • The PavaPro 360 Plus includes built-in adjustable headphones, with soft leatherette ear pads for comfort and noise cancelling affect.
  • Model: PavaPro 360 Plus
  • Model Number: PPPEF4
  • VR Glasses Type: Glass
  • Compatible with: Android, iOS  and Windows Smartphones
  • Material: ABS, foam, PC
  • Color: Black
  • Smartphone Compatibility: 4.2-6.2 INCHES
  • Optical GLASS lens instead of resin improves visual acuity, making images sharper and enhancing the user experience.
  • Dual Quick release allows the user to easily change the color of the front lens plate.